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Mar 12, 2011 7:00am PST
video of desndai japan, and out of- sendai, 25 0 mi. from japan. tokyo. this is the largest and the history. aftershocks, with 125, today, 6.5. between 200-300 were found along this coast. this town is over 1 million and inundated with the tsunami. still, 24 hours after the quake, rushed out roads, or prohibiting access to the area. incredible video of one town near this powerful tsunami. residents of forced and their homes, destroyed. cars, boats overcome by this strong ocean. over 200,000 people are living in temporary structures. since the earthquake, 1 million households to not have water. most in the northwest. 4 million buildings are without power in japan. the best for the chicken help victims is to dona. that you can-- help. the best with you can donate send ontest 90999 as a $10 donation text 90999. >> isabel: cleanup efforts in santa cruz. the search hitting the santa cruz harbor yesterday morning. at the - sug this remain in effect, along the coast, and advice to stay away from harbour, coastline. reggie kumar says that this news conference is scheduled this morni
Mar 13, 2011 8:00am PDT
. state department also revising u.s. citizens to avoid travelling to japan the tsunami damage according to hit california coast caused damage in santa monica. in santa cruz the surface of a least 18 votes and another 100 are damage. it will cost millions of dollars to fix. the now report a surge caused more than $17 million to santa cruz harbor. z it illegal to that lost our homes and vote. >>reporter: 0 was devastated to find her boat sank 13 just charged through the harbor. if it wasn't just her vote in with her son's home. >> had to watch it sink and everything he owned is on that vote. his business, everything. if we don't have anything now. >>reporter: 0 as one between us and water rushed in and of this floor. if others it took over and crashed into each other if your if fall in goes to see were holding talks together along with several one of the raider'' long if swept through here and have all these votes with it. off most of the damage happened on the utah fitzwater >> every time to search and now her home phone and find if half and into if that kind patch a hole. >> there is no
Mar 20, 2011 8:00am PDT
days. we will have some bad news from japan. a team and his grandmother was rescued from the rubble. we have more on this coming up. also libya. >> marty: the news in japan is a sliver of good news. this is also the first day of spring. heavy rains, fled flashed warnings. a live report and whether coming up. add them up. but is a picture of side, it is very pretty. it is hovering, have blue (laughter) >> marty: is it half full or half blue? (laughter) >>louisa: is half full levitt said. a few scattered showers are made in the north bay. also to the state. you can see it area of heavy rain, the heavy stuff that we saw last night has come and gone. has pushed into this appeared there are three leftish scattered showers as the into the afternoon at the chance of scattered thundershowers. heavy rain near vallejo in fairfield. but ever danville. but a stick of wider view of what is going on preconceived the rain is tracking data to the south. heavy rain, the more steady rain. we're seeing steady rain filter up towards this year. it is turning into snow at the still life. there is the dumping
Mar 26, 2011 7:00am PDT
of the u.s. radiation warning systems. last week people worried about the possible fallout from japan's nuclear plant. one of the shutdowns was in california. four of the 11 stationary monitors was offline for repairs or maintenance last week. officials to not immediately say why but the monitor is one that killed levels of radiation reached the mainland. reportedly, note dangerous levels are reached the u.s. but lawmakers are safeguarding against future disasters. concern >> marty: of a cargo ship from a real but was close to depen japan. there are requesting additional screening even after several agencies no sign of radiations but still they are concerned about their safety of radiation. >> isabel: will update you on the budget battle the republicans >> marty: walnut creek rain-saturated. highway 6 80/24. we will be back. >> isabel: 7:for sex 746. the c h p are reporting spinouts. slick roadways >> marty: and how about some changes in the forecast? >> yes. some of this ran is already becoming starting to stop. through san jose is getting the worst of it. still, one-two hours of
Mar 27, 2011 8:00am PDT
are reporting up to 600 in. for this season. >>marty: officials in japan are sang a measurement showing a huge increase in radiation levels at the nuclear plant, was a mistake. the rating showing water tested was 10 million times higher than normal and the coolest of one of the reactors. that force workers to evacuate the plant. officials with the electric company said the rating is not credible. the utility apologize for the accuracy, more water testing done to get another measure. officials admit there is radioactive water in all four of the reactors at the complex. officials are now putting the death toll from the march 11th quake and tsunami and more than 10,600. some 16,000 people still missing. trees amounts of radiation have traveled as far as lost baggage. experts say it poses no health risks. iodine and xenon been detected at a monitoring station at the city's atomic testing museum. the managers said he certainly isotopes are from japan, they're not easily detected in nevada. secretary >>ysabel: of state hillary clinton described the u.s. decision to intervene in libya the humane thin
Mar 19, 2011 7:00am PDT
was closed in both directions for several hours on friday. >> isabel: the latest in japan, the collective iodine has been detected in drinking wrougwater test- spinach, milk, also half rhodesian levels that are not safe. radiation levels --with sea water being pumped into beef power plant, those rods could burned and release brought amounts of radiation to the amendment. even after cooling those rods, there's still no benefiguaranty-testers, guarantee that rhodesian cannot escape. they're even thinking of burying those so the-radiation could not escape. >> marty: federal, state officials are saying that this is no risk if. the monitoring station and here in washington show that the radiation greatly disappointed by the time it reached the west coast on friday. japanese officials are increasing as to the level 4 toy number five on line #7 as the worst from a level 4, to a level 5. with 7 being the worst. fox >> isabel: still to come, the latest on libya. five weeks of rising. for >> marty: will keep an eye on the weather and the ring. right now, pal- calm but ... not for long. >> marty:
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6